Serving the building trade in the UK


Welcome to Buildingtrade.org.uk. We’re an internet portal supporting the building industry in the UK. We’re doing this by providing news, information, and articles relevant to the supply of building materials. This means primarily merchants – who are on the sharp end of delivering goods to the construction business.

If you’re working in construction in Britain you’ll be aware of the pressures the industry is under. It’s not just market slowdown – but changing regulations means changing demand and changing practises. In an uncertain climate customers need reliable information. That means you need reliable information.

Our goal is to be part of the answer to your need for information.

We’re particularly excited by the launch of our new search engine – Building Search [1].

Building Search only delivers results relavant to the UK building industry. If you’re searching online make this your first stop.

– Mike Tibbs, Business Director