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About Buildingtrade.org.uk

My name is Mike Tibbs, and I’m the business director here at Buildingtrade.org.uk. I’ve been working in the trade since 1996. I’m aware of the changes that have taken place in the market and the industry over that time.

One of those changes has been the internet revolution. Construction firms aren’t renowned for being forward thinkers when it comes to technology – but even we are gradually waking up to the opportunity it affords us.

This opportunity is in two main areas – communication and information.

Firstly the internet connects people – it connects customers to suppliers. More and more business is initiated and supported through websites and email.

Secondly the internet provides information. Need to know the latest changes to building regulations, or what products to use to insulate a warm roof? Try the internet – your customers already do.

Search engines are at the forefront of how people use the internet. Our Building Search engine is already connecting buyers to suppliers – it only delivers results relevant to the British building trade.

Our news, articles, and archives are helping merchants stay informed. As the industry gets more switched on to the online world – we’ll be providing more and more content to our growing audience.

If you have any news or feedback that you want us to hear, please use the contact form.

If you are a manufacturer or distributor, and are wondering how we can help you, then please visit our services page.